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We are committed to making our web site and web applications accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. If you encounter an accessibility problem while accessing our web site please contact us.

Text size

You can increase the size of text (zoom function) on the screen by holding down CTRL and pressing + or - or rolling the mouse wheel.


Most of this website is provided as standard web pages, however we do link to various documents and publications in PDF format. To read and print PDF files, you will require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (free software). Most modern browsers also allow you to view and print the PDF on the browser.

Keyboard Input

You can navigate our site using only a keyboard (no mouse required).

Tab Move from one focusable item to the next (e.g. navigation links)
Shift + tab to reverse the direction
Enter Activate a link or button
Spacebar Toggle an element's state (e.g. checkbox)
Jump down the page (shift + spacebar to go up the page)
Arrow Keys (Up, Down, Left & Right) Scroll through page
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