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Fees and Charges

Ngā Utunga

Rental items

All charges including GST





New fiction books


3 weeks

$4.00 for further three weeks



1 week

$2.00 for further one week

Audio books* $4.00 3 weeks $4.00 for further three weeks
DVDs $4.50 2 weeks $4.50 for further two weeks

* National Library and Hauraki Audio books are free to borrow for users with approved print disabilities.

Computer charges


Charge (including GST)

Public computer printing (APNK)

A4 printing from APNK printer is
$0.50 per side (black and white)
$1.00 per side (colour)


A4 or A3
Colour - single or double sided $0.50
Black & white - single or double sided $0.20

Other library charges


Charge (including GST)

Meeting room hireage

$25.00 per hour

Available for hire for business meetings, when not in use for Council activities, during the hours of 10:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), and includes the hireage of room and furniture only.

Non-profit groups $10.00 per hour

Replacement library card


Inter-library loans

$10.00 per item, plus the costs from the supplying library

Lost or damaged items

The cost of the item, factoring in age and condition

Lost or damaged item administration fee

$15.00 charge to cover staff time (additional charge)

Refunds for lost items returned

Refunds are permitted if in accordance with the District Collection plan criteria.
Length of time overdue, condition and currency of the item may reduce the amount refunded.
Amount will vary depending on criteria in the Collection Plan.

Debt collection charges If debt collection action is required, an additional charge may be added. Amount will vary depending on cost of the service.
Sale of discontinued items Sales charges to vary between $1.00 – $5.00 with special prices at the Library Team Leader’s discretion. Items may be given free of charge to Hauraki volunteer libraries or other approved institutions.
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